order [ôr′dər]
[OFr ordre < L ordo (gen. ordinis), straight row, regular series, akin to ordiri, to lay the warp, hence begin, set in order, prob. < IE base * ar-, to join, fit > ARM1, ART1]
1. social position; rank in the community
2. a state of peace and serenity; observance of the law; orderly conduct
3. the sequence or arrangement of things or events; series; succession
4. a fixed or definite plan; system; law of arrangement
5. a group or class of persons set off from others by some trait or quality
a) a group of persons constituting an association formed for some special purpose [the Order of Knights Templars]
b) a community of monks, nuns, etc. following a rule [the Benedictine order]
a) a group of persons distinguished by having received a certain award or citation, as for outstanding service to a state [the Order of the Garter]
b) the insignia of such a group
8. a state or condition in which everything is in its right place and functioning properly
9. condition or state in general [not in working order]
10. a command, direction, or instruction, usually backed by authority
11. a distinctive group; class; kind; sort [sentiments of a high order]
12. an established method or system, as of conduct or action in meetings, worship, court, etc.
a) a request or commission to make or supply something [an order for merchandise or services]
b) the goods so made or supplied [to deliver a grocery order ]
c) a single portion of some food, as served in a restaurant [an order of cole slaw]
14. Archit.
a) any of several classical styles of structure, determined chiefly by the type of column and entablature: see DORIC, IONIC, CORINTHIAN
b) a style of building
15. Biol. a major category in the classification of animals, plants, etc., ranking above a family and below a class: it can include one family or many similar families: the Latinized order names are capitalized but not italicized (Ex.: Fabales, legumes)
16. Finance
a) written instructions to pay money or surrender property
b) a formal demand for payment, as by the endorsement and presentment of a negotiable instrument by its specified payee
17. Gram. the arrangement or sequence of elements within a grammatical unit
18. Law a direction or command of a court, judge, public body, etc.
19. Math.
a) a whole number describing the degree or stage of complexity of an algebraic expression
b) an established sequence of numbers, letters, events, units, etc.
c) the number of elements in a given group
d) the number of rows or columns in a determinant or matrix
20. Theol.
a) any of the nine ranks or grades of angels
b) any rank or grade in the Christian clergy
c) [usually pl.] the position of ordained minister, priest, etc.
d) [usually pl.] ordination, as of a minister or priest
1. to put or keep in order; organize; arrange
a) to instruct to do something; give an order to; command
b) to command (someone) to go to or from a specified place [to order him out of the house]
3. to request or direct that (something) be supplied, done, carried out, etc. [to order merchandise, to order a hearing]
4. Eccles. Archaic to ordain (a priest, etc.)
1. to give a command
2. to request that something be supplied
by order of
according to the command of
call to order
to request to be quiet, as to start (a meeting)
in order or out of order
1. in (or not in) proper sequence or position
2. in (or not in) good condition
3. in (or not in) accordance with the rules, as of parliamentary procedure
4. being (or not being) suitable to the occasion
in order that
so that; to the end that
in order to
for the purpose of; as a means to; to
in short order
without delay; quickly
on order
ordered, or requested, but not yet supplied
on the order of
1. somewhat resembling; similar to
2. approximately; roughly
order about
to treat in a domineering manner: also order around
☆ tall order
Informal a difficult task or requirement
to order
in accordance with the buyer's specifications

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